Notice: For January and February 2019, there will only be services on January 5th & 19th, and February 2nd & 16th.

We welcome you in Jesus Christ


We're all at a different place in this journey called life. Wherever you're at, we're here to help.

You might be at a place where you question God's very existence, and that's okay. You might have had a bad experience with Christianity, that's unfortunately common. You might question God's goodness or His care — we know where you're coming from. Or you might have had just a taste of His gospel, but are longing to grow.

Wherever you're at, we're here to support you. There is a whole range of material on this site. We discuss reasons for faith, reading the Bible, understanding God's will, explaining the gospel and celebrating His salvation.

Above all, we're focused on personal growth — yours and ours.



Messages of faith, hope and encouragement — specially for you.


Develop your knowledge of God through many challenging Bible Studies.

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Ready to take the next step? Come worship with us.
We'd love to see you on a Saturday morning sometime soon. 

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Free in Jesus

Jesus calls you to freedom.
Not to man-made rules, traditions or creeds.
We encourage you to embrace the freedom that is in Jesus.


Growing in Jesus

Life means growth.
And a life in Jesus means a growth of love, joy and peace.
A growth in patience, kindness and goodness.
In justice, mercy and humility.


Faithful to Jesus

Jesus is the Word of God. He taught us how to live.
Then commanded we obey Him, and teach others to do the same.
That's why we seek to faithfully observe everything He taught us.
For that is the way of freedom in our Lord Jesus Christ.


That the Bible reveals God's message.
That eternal life is found only in Jesus.
That we are saved by God's grace in Jesus.
That all believers stand equal before God.
That we gather together to encourage one another.
That we are to obey Jesus in everything.
That Jesus calls us to do the Father's will.
That God has a purpose for each one of us.
That our purpose is to do His will on earth.


We worship together each Saturday morning
for our Sabbath worship services.  

10:00 am — Bible Study

          11:00 am — Worship Service

            Fellowship lunch — Every 3rd Sabbath

Light refreshments provided.

NOTE: For January and February 2019, there will only be services on January 5th & 19th, and February 2nd & 16th.

Where we meet

8 Y Street, Ashburton VIC 3147

Entrance: Community Centre via Marquis Street
Parking: Marquis Street Car Park
NOTE: No access via Y Street. Enter the church from the Marquis Street car park only.  Wheel chair entrance via car park.

We meet at the Ashburton Baptist Church

We meet at the Ashburton Baptist Church