Mercy triumphs over judgment

We generally have a pretty well-developed, graphic set of images depicting God's judgment. Some of us immediately think of end times. Heaven and hell. A stern-faced judge. The lake of fire. Some of our images invoke fear or even tinges of horror. 

These images can be quite influential in our understanding of God.

But how many of us are truly soaked with imagery, thoughts and feelings of God's mercy? Now, I'm not talking about the mercy God extended us at the cross in Jesus Christ—we talk about that all the time. No, I'm meaning how many of us understand the mercy inherent within judgment. And the mercy God extends following judgment.

The attached study contains dozens of scripture references to help us think through the reality of the robust mercy God extends to those He judges.

Our prayer is that careful study and reflection on these passages will reveal to you a side of God you might have dared to hope for, but never knew.